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Helping people get started in dog powered sports in and around North Bay, Ontario.


Learn about Dog Powered Sports and new ways to safely enjoy the outdoors with your own dog(s).

Each lesson includes a trail run/walk, rental gear and you'll learn about different types of gear, commands and training methods.

The activities we focus on are:

Canicross / Canihike


Biking with a Springer




**Skiers must bring their own cross country gear (skis,poles,boots). Kicksledding: Rider has to be physically fit enough to stand on a sled, be able to maneuver it and help out by kicking/pushing. 

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Gear fitting

Group walks

Don't need a lesson? Come by to try on some gear. One size does not fit all hence why we have many different items in stock for you AND your dog to try on! Learn about the differences and what works best for YOU and YOUR dog.

Coming soon: Facebook page with group walk announcements! Let's get more active TOGETHER, socialize our dogs in a safe environment and explore new trails!

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