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Other Services

There are many different ways to keep our dogs active, safe and happy and we are here to help you find what works best for you and your dog!

Biking with a springer

A safe way to exercise your dog!

Running a dog next to your bike on a springer is a safe way to exercise your dog on busier roads, in the suburbs or on some trails.

This activity is suitable for pullers AND non-pullers!

Dogs of all sizes and breeds love this activity and you don't need to be an overly active person to enjoy it with them.

Leash walking and Good Manners

Keep it simple!

While we don't focus on obedience training we have been offering help for leash walking, aggression on a leash and simple good manners (ex. don't jump on people, polite meet&greet etc). 
We encourage dogs who do pulling activities to also learn how to walk nicely on a leash and show good manners. We can help you and your dog to do both.

Adventures with our dogs

Don't have a dog (yet) or want to see it for yourself first?

Join us on one of our outings and try an activity with our dogs! 
Contact us for more information and options.

School visits

Learn about dogsledding and meet our team!

Our dogs are kid friendly and we love to teach children all ages about the care of dogs, understanding dogs body language and the gear we use. We will come to you with the dogs and our gear. Please note that we do not offer rides with our dogs during those visits; however kids have the opportunity to ride our sleds.

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