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About us

We are a family of 4 with a small dog team who love to share our passion of being active with dogs. Our family activities revolve around the dogs and the Great Outdoors. We have been living and exploring in the Northwest Territories for over 10 years and love what the North has to offer.


Kaja Kotulak

Kaja began working with dogs at a very young age. When she left Switzerland for Canada she instantly fell in love with the big open spaces and beauty of the country. Her first Canadian winter was spent in Panorama BC handling and training for a Dogsled Tour Company. Kaja also got to help train the Iditarod dog team which taught her a lot about long distance racing, care of dogs and spending long periods on the trail, also overnight. It didn't take her long to get hooked after seeing the excitement of the dogs and clients.
Kaja gained valuable experience working as a Kennel Manager where she was responsible for the care of a large number of different dog breeds. She also ran training courses and kick-sledding clinics. Her spare time is spent outdoors dog sledding, skijoring, kicksledding, camping, bikejoring, hiking etc with her family and friends. Kaja loves to share her passion, and help others get started exercising their own pets, while making the most of the cold winter days.


Brandon Kotulak

Brandon, a supportive husband who constantly explores the land and finds one beautiful hiking spot after the other, puts in winter trails and does all sort of handyman work.
Brandon also ran dogsled tours in Panaroma BC and Kaja and him share the passion of spending time outdoors and exploring new areas all over Canada

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