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Kicksledding and Skijoring

Learn something new with your dog!

One thing many people have on their bucket list is to go dogsledding. But what if you can enjoy winter activities with your own dog? We have helped many owners with their dogs to get started. From Corgi X, to Labradors and Boxers, it is an activity many dogs love. Have a strong puller, high energy dog or just want to try something new? Let's harness that energy and enjoy our winter wonderland. We will help you and teach you the basics. It's all about having a good time and we strongly believe life is more fun when enjoyed outdoors, with our furry friends.

*** We have rental gear available for all our activities, try it out with us before investing ***

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A great winter bonding activity

Kicksledding with a dog is a team sport that requires human and dog working together. The dog runs/walks up front and pulls while the rider kicks along to help the dog out.

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Crosscountry skiing with dog power

Skijoring is a dog powered sport where the dog pulls the skier. An experienced cross country skier may find it easier to get the hang of it vs someone who has never skied before.

Kicksledding & Skijoring: About
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