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Tracer2 Vest

Tracer2 Vest

Excluding GST/HST |

TRACER2 - LED Safety Vest

Be visible from afar with this extremely light multicoloured vest!


-360° visibility up to ¼ mile

-Waterproof IP67 rated

-Multi-colored - 8 solid/dual color modes

- USB chargable (cable included)

-Up to 20 hours of lasting rechargeable battery life

-All season durability

-Featherweight! - Weighing in at just 7oz

-Reflective & Fluorescent


Omar and I are in love with Inukshuk Marine. Omar is a 9 year old English Mastiff and he was experiencing dry skin and his nose was very dry. After a month of him eating this food his skin has improved immensely and his nose has gotten much better. I highly recommend this high quality Canadian made food.

J & Omar

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