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Helping people and their dogs become more active and enjoy the outdoors together!

North Bay, Ontario



Let us help you become more active with your dog!

We have experience with sleddogs and pet dogs. Our passion is to help everyone enjoy their dogs, get outside and make memories!

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We are a Trusted Reseller of Inukshuk Dog Food

A healthy diet is crucial for good health and performance. We feed Inukshuk Dog Food to our dogs and have been reselling it to all types of dogs with incredible results. From Yorkie's to Great Danes, couch potatoes to working dogs, this food works for any breed and is allergy friendly!



We are an Ambassador for Noxgear

Having lived North of 60 for over 12 years, we experienced very cold, dark and long winters. The Noxgear products are the only lights that last for hours, even below -40C. We love that they are USB chargeable, easily adjustable, highly visible and don't impede with pulling harnesses. We've put their products to the test and highly recommend them for any outdoor activities in the dark.

*Don't let the darkness stop you, brighten the trails with Noxgear*

Check out below what we have been up to lately!

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