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Canicross & Bikejoring

Tired of getting dragged by your dog on leash walks? Frustrated you can't tire your dog out? Can't trust your dog off leash?

Canicross/Canihike is a fun and safe way to tire out your dog and get your daily steps in! Turn that pulling force into something you can both enjoy and build up to other fun activities!

*** We have rental gear available for all of our activities, try it out before investing ***


Canicross / Canihike

A year round activity for every-dog

Walking/Running with the dog attached to your waist. This is the best introduction to any of the other pulling activities.

Canicross/Canihike is a fun and safe alternative to getting dragged down the road by your hard pulling dog on a leash, and prevent choking on their collar. Give your dog a job and enjoy a structured walk that feels comfortable to you and your dog.​

  • We can provide a belt, bungee line and dog harness.

  • Try out our gear to find the best fit for your dog, prior to investing in your own.


For experienced riders and dogs

If you are a bit of an adrenaline junkie and have a dog that loves to run, then bikejoring is THE sport for both of you. Bikejoring requires experience on the human's part but also of the dog because the speed is considerably higher. Both the dog and rider must already have a good background in harness dog sports before trying out bikejoring.

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